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At Reaction, music is our life and our bands are our family.

Every journey is different and we take pride in working with our artists in achieving their goals with a bespoke timeline that focuses on releasing music and live performances.

With a solid network of contacts across the UK, our primary objective is to elevate our artists profile, whilst educating them on all aspects of the music industry.

Jean-Marc Burnett

Jean-Marc founded the Reaction roster in 2018. Prior to that he had been successfully managing Scottish alt-rockers Altered Sky independently for some time. This was to be spark that lead him onto a journey where he now oversees one of the biggest grassroots roster of artists in the UK. In the early 90s Jean-Marc studied music management and performance in Glasgow, and for the next 15 years travelled Europe with a number of bands, writing, recording and performing live. He became an established booker with local rock and metal bands during that period too promoting shows across Glasgow.