Reaction Management | FOXHOLE


Foxhole is a four-piece alternative rock band from the South West, UK. Their first EP ‘In Case of Inspiration, Pick Up’ was released in 2021 and sent shockwaves through the local scene. After a lineup change at the end of 2021, the band welcomed Andy Obeyesekere on lead guitar and Mitch Strauss on bass. They shortly released their second EP titled ‘Brainstorm’ in March 2023 and with their three night EP launch across three venues with seven bands across as support, they solidified their name in the local scene as a notable up and coming band in the South West. Their tight live energy has converted many since their inception. A unique blend of indie, midwest emo, post-punk and grunge make for a heavy-hitting wall of sound, with plenty of riffs and sudden chaos when you least expect it.

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